Let us make your jewelry and watches look like new again by giving it the TLC it deserves.
From ring sizing to expert watch battery replacement, we can do it all!
Here at Shoshany Jewelers, we have the finest watchmakers on-site to repair your fine timepieces. These timepieces require very specific care and maintenance in order to perform accurately. Being equipped with the finest instruments and tools technology has to offer, we are able to have all our work done with maximum precision and care. In addition, we have a master polisher to keep those timepieces looking like new. We are dedicated to making sure you are on time!



 Just like our watch repair department, we pride ourselves on having the finest master jewelers on-site to handle all your service needs with the utmost care and quality.  Using only the finest equipment and advanced technology,  we maximize efficiency and quality. We understand the precision and attention to detail that is essential for the repairing and restoring your important and cherished jewelry.